Celebrating Fairtrade 2017

28th March 2017
Celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight 2017
       That’s exactly what we did at St. Mary’s this Fairtrade Fortnight.
Pupils from Key Stage 1 were able to visit our popular Fairtrade Stall and purchase their favourite snack:
Fairtrade cookies are the best, but you must try these Geobars, I did!

Early Birds Breakfast Club

...Shared some Fairtrade goodies while playing some fun Fairtrade games.


Learning about Fairtrade

Pupils in Keys Stage 2, Year 4 included learning about Fairtrade in their Geography Lesson, locating and naming the countries linked to Fairtrade.
What do you notice about where these countries are?
Where does the Fairtrade produce you bought from the supermarket come from?
Are there some countries which seem to produce more than others?
Pablo the Super Banana
For our younger children in key Stage 1, they met Pablo the Super Banana that took them on a journey from the forests of Colombia to our supermarket shelves.

Why choose Fairtrade Products?

Pupils explain what it is and how it works.
Key Stage 2 Fairtrade Café is a busy event

Can I take your order? I would recommend our popular Fairtrade Hot chocolate!

Our most favourite event is attending the pupil Café!

We have put Fairtrade into our break!
Our Pupils in Key Stage 1 & 2 have been learning and participating in activities throughout this Fortnight. We want to say a huge thank you to all our parents and pupils who have supported us. We have taken a huge amount of £240.00.
Fairtrade helps farmers put food on the table and send their children to school. They can invest in better farming and earn more from their crops. Communities can pay for clean water, hospitals and medicines.
That’s what happens when we choose Fairtrade.