House Point Winners

15th December 2016
The Year 6 House Captains have been busy counting the tokens and we are now able to announce the winners of the first ever St Mary’s House Point competition for the Autumn Term. In first place with 845 tokens was PORTLAND HOUSE (REDS). Congratulations Portland House!

The children across the school have been fantastic in their approach to this new system whereby staff reward them with a coloured token to be collected on behalf of their house as opposed to giving them individual credits. In fact, the school council will be meeting with the House Captains next term to decide on the matter of discontinuing the use of individual credits entirely- replacing them with House Points instead.

This will provide an ideal demonstration of a core British Value at St. Mary’s-Democracy. The next step will be for the school council and house captains to agree any further refinements to this exciting new system and agree on the best way to monitor it for the rest of the year.