Floodland Day

28th January 2016

We all worked hard as a Y6 team to do junk modelling (with the book Floodland that we are reading in class).  There is a girl named Zoe, and she thought that she had lost her parents when they were trying to escape rising waters [caused by global warming] in Norwich. She is trying to escape an abandoned island with a cathedral, survive and try to find her parents.

First we all decided what groups we were going in. Secondly, we decided what model we were going to build; for example, of cathedrals, boats, graveyards, compasses. It was epic!

Finally we wrote a poem or an explanation text to go with our models.

We had 3 rooms to work in. If we needed to paint we could go down to the art room. The people in the groups that had to do a poem stayed upstairs. Rushing like water, everyone moved quickly to their rooms to start.

Lots of the models were in different parts, because they had smaller materials. The more people in the group, the more challenging it was to do. Everybody made a mess. At the end of all the mayhem the art room and the classes were spotless after we tidied up.

Our models will now go in the library for everyone to see when they go in there. 

Thanks to the Y6 teachers who organised this spectacular morning.

By Leighla and Caty.