Sports Days 2017

28th June 2017
Sports Day 2017 Success
Foundation and Key Stage 1:
The Foundation and Key Stage 1 Sports Day was really full-on and exciting for all the children; despite the temperature. We were fortunate to complete all of the activities and races in good time – even if some of them were shortened down a little.

The children completed six activities including: football slalom; bouncy hoppers; bean bag throw; sack race; egg and spoon race; and javelin throwing. This was followed by every child having the opportunity to compete in a short sprint against their friends.

The results of the Foundation and Key Stage 1 events were:

1st Place – Portland (Red) 121 points

2nd Place – Corfe (Yellow) 114 points

3rd Place (joint) – Sherborne and Lulworth (Green and Blue) 102 points

Well done to all those children who also came 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the sprints!

Key Stage 2:
The weather was much kinder to everyone today and a successful Sports Day showed great sportsmanship, healthy competition and some memorable successes for all our children; completing eight activities as well as the relays and the sprints.

The eight activities included: football slalom; water race; netball shoot-out; javelin throw; egg and spoon race; sack race; standing jump; and Noughts and Crosses. The results of the Key Stage 2 events (including the relays) were:

1st Place – Portland (Red) 163 points

2nd Place – Corfe (Yellow) 152 points

3rd Place  –Lulworth (Blue) 148 points

4th Place – Sherborne (Green) 127 points

Well done to all those children who also came 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the sprints!

Our overall winners therefore are the Portland House with a total of 284 points!
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