Our Values

Mission Statement
“Jesus says, - Where people come together in my name, I am with them” Matthew 18:20

As a Christian learning community, which promotes the values of family life, we support parents/carers as primary educators of their children and recognise the rights of the child.

Through a curriculum that encourages creativity at every opportunity, we challenge all within our community to strive for the highest standard of personal, social and intellectual development, and aim for excellence in all we do.

We recognise that we are all unique and aim to support each other along our personal journey of faith, treating others with respect.

During the day to day life of our school and in all aspects of the curriculum we promote Gospel values, paying special consideration to loving our neighbour wherever they may live in the world.

We recognise the Spirituality of every member of our community and provide opportunities for all to experience prayer, worship and reflection.

 “My commandment is this - Love one another as I love you” John 15:12

British Values at St Mary's :

St. Mary’s, as a UNICEF Rights Respecting School is committed to developing children who understand their rights and responsibilities as Global Citizens and it is through our innovative curriculum, RE curriculum, our Catholic Social Teaching and our school values and vision that we promote the British Values of:


   Personal Responsibility and Liberty

   Rule of Law

   Mutual Respect

   Tolerance of Culture, Faith and others