Poole Parents' Voice

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ALL 7.00 PM – 9.00 PM - MONDAYS

VENUE:  COMMITTEE SUITE, CIVIC CENTRE (unless notified otherwise)

12 OCTOBER 2015       29 FEBRUARY 2016          6 JUNE 2016

What is Poole Parents' Voice?

Poole Parents' Voice is a forum for parents and carers of children who attend Poole Schools to:  

* learn about and discuss current educational issues at both a local and National level.

* give feedback to all other parents of children attending the schools they represent regarding educational issues discussed at the meetings. 

* be made aware of any changes both at a local and National level. 

* represent other parents/carers and consult with the parents/carers in the school community they represent, to ensure that the wider views are also brought to the meeting. 

As your representative I would like to hear from you, as parents/carers of children at St. Mary’s School, about what issues you would like discussed.  The minutes from the meetings are available on the Poole Family Information Directory website or I am happy to let you know the outcome of your agenda item personally.

If there are any educational issues or questions you would like to raise at the forum, whether they are specific to our school, regarding national changes or somewhere in between, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the e-mail below.  This is a great opportunity for us, as parents/carers, to become more involved in the changes and improvements in the education system.  

Contact - syanddom@ntlworld.com

Poole Parents’ Voice Representative for St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School