School Council

Your School Council Representatives for 2017-18 are 
Alvin, Amelia, Aoife, Christina, Delen, Fraser, Holly, Lola, Poppy-Mae, Shay, Sienna, and Sophie

Wet Play Games Project

We are looking at how we could get more games for our wet plays.

We decided that we would ask people to donate games and puzzles they no longer use to school.

Poole Park Project

Over the past few weeks the School Council have been looking at Poole Park and the redevelopment project. Hopefully the Park will be getting some money to improve it.

We have learnt a lot about its history as a lady called Toni Powell visited us. Toni Powell works for the Council and her job is to find out people’s views of the Park.

We found out that the cricket pitch used to be cycle track. In World War Two, Poole Park got bombed so they had to build air raid shelters. There is still a shelter underneath the play area near the swimming pool!

The Council are thinking of improving some of the playgrounds because they have been there a long time. The other problem in Poole Park is access for wheelchairs and pushchairs. At the moment, some pavements have dropped kerbs while others don’t.

We have spoken to our classes to find out what they think about Poole Park and have passed this onto the Council so that they know what our views on the Park are.

By Magnus – Year 4

Welcome to the School Council webpage!

On this webpage, you will learn about who we are, how we were chosen and what we have done so far. You will also find the minutes from our School Council meeting.


About St Mary’s School Council

St Mary’s School Council meets regularly to discuss how we can make the school a better place for everybody. It is our job to ask our classes what they would like to see around them, hold meetings and action anything that we feel will help the school move forward for every pupil in the school.

How are we chosen?

Each class has a School Council representative. They are elected by their classmates who hold a vote to decide who they would like to elect to represent their class and bring matters to the council. Every class has a representative. Once a school council meeting has taken place, the representatives go back to their classes to discuss what they have talked about.

What have we done so far?

So far, we have:

  • Helped to change the class names to endangered animals.

  • Reviewed the anti-bullying policy.

  • Gathered ideas on how to improve the library.

  • Built links and helped other school councils by taking part in the Primary School Council Forum for Poole.

  • Visited our local MP with Mr Howard.

  • Thought about how to improve our time on the playground through equipment and playtime buddies.

  • Shared our ideas with governors in governors meetings.

­How the School Council is elected

Hi my name is Magnus and I am on the School Council. This piece of writing is tell you a bit more about how I became a School Council representative for my class.

First of all we had to put our hands up to see who wanted to be on the School Council. Then the people who wanted to do it had to write a little speech about how they would be a good school councillor. All of the people who had written a speech had to stand up in front of the class. The class listened and then thought who they would choose. After that the teacher wrote their names on the whiteboard and everyone was given a piece of paper. On the paper, you had to write who you wanted to be school councillor. Before we went into assembly, the teacher counted the votes. When we were in assembly, the teachers told us who were elected and we had to stand at the front.

By Magnus