The Jellicoe Theatre

4th January 2016

Our trip to the Jellicoe Theatre by Tommy P, Year 6

Today we went on an amazing trip to the brand new Poole theatre to watch two plays. (Romeo and Juliet and 12th Night.)

The first play we watched was Romeo and Juliet! At the start, a maiden came along and was singing and three people were laughing at her-we all thought it was funny and laughed because we didn’t know whether it was the act or not but then she talked about how many plays William Shakespeare had written - an AMAZING 37 plays.

Eventually, the play started. We all thought that it would be all serious and dramatic, but it wasn’t. It was actually a tragi-comedy. When it was supposed to be serious they made it a bit tragic but mostly it was a comedy. There were the mighty Montagues who were poor and there were the cunning Capulets who were rich. FOR YEARS THE TWO FAMILIES HAVE BEEN AT WAR, ALWAYS TRYING TO BE THE BEST. I mainly thought at the start about if the Montagues were poor what would they wear but when they came out they were wearing dull clothes!

Then the Capulets came out wearing bow ties and dresses and all sorts of posh clothes. The narrator started to talk about why they were at war and then they started to growl at each other and pull faces and wave their fists at people.  It was funny because one side of the audience  were the Montagues (which was the side I was on) and on the other side there was the Capulets audience who were the rich ones. After that, they walked off but Romeo skipped of in an enchanted happiness. :}  Through the play there were funny parts, especially the fighting part.  Music went on and they started to fight in slow motion. This was funny because they did it so it was like a joke… and a man called Paris pretended he was so strong and he was showing his muscles (well the muscles he did have anyway).

We laughed a lot and learned a lot.