We are the bosses!!

12th July 2016
Mangahigh Maths Competition   Monday 11th - Tuesday 19th July
On Tuesday at 1pm, a school will be crowned The Primary Boss of the South.
The top 10 schools receive a prize and all individuals scoring 150+ points get a real medal!
All week, we have been hovering around the top of the leaderboard and are currently (Friday) in 2nd place!
Children can login at school or at home using the username and password issued to them.
Our school code is 328466.
How to score points

Points are only available for Activities.

On the first attempt of activity, you can only get a maximum score BRONZE (1 point)
As you attempt the same activities again, the questions get harder, but you can achieve scores of SILVER (2 points) or GOLD (3 points)

Note: Getting the same medal for an activity does not get you any more points!!
Good luck St Mary's!