William Shakespeare

9th May 2016

Shakespeare Day

It was a Friday afternoon and William Shakespeare was born and died on the same day and we watched a video of Shakespeare with Mr. Howard.

We learned lots of things.

If they slept flat they thought the devil would get them.

They had green and red bedrooms to stop the devil who would chop their heads off.

If they were naughty and bad they put the naughty person`s head on a sharp stick.

When he was younger he worked with his father doing glove making. He had a big tunnel in the middle of his house which the horses would go straight through.

When he made the gloves with his father he stamped in manure with his  brothers in a hole in the floor.

There was a street called Bear street and there was a bear that was chained up so it could not escape and the dogs were killing it but the dogs died too.

London bridge was covered in buildings. They used toilets in buckets and threw them out of windows so the windows stuck out.

They spoke Latin at school and he made stories and poems about what people say every day.


By Kesiya, Isabelle, Julia W., Darragh, Grace M., Oscar, Reece and Shae from Year 3.