22nd June 2016
Year 6 perform at The Royal Albert Hall
In partnership with The Royal Albert Hall, Armonico Consort brought 2000 AC Academy young singers from across the UK to perform an entertaining programme of songs accompanied by world-class musicians, before an audience of thousands. An inspiring and truly unforgettable experience for all...

I have had some amazing experiences during my 17 years at St Mary’s, but on Tuesday 14th June we reached the top.

Four months of preparation and the Year 6 children were off to the ROYAL ALBERT HALL!!!!
2 coaches, 52 children from Year 6 and 60 parents sent off on the coach trip and three hours later we arrived at the Royal Albert Hall. We were shown to our dressing room and tucked into our much needed lunch.
I do not think at this point the whole magnitude of the day had hit the children. All the parents went off to explore London and we got ready for our dress rehearsal.
At 2.00 we were called to enter the stage for the lighting and sound rehearsal with the band. The months of preparation, was truly worth it when the children walked into the theatre. The jaw dropping gasps as their eyes scanned the magnitude of the arena and the richness of the colours and the height of the boxes was simply magical. A memory I think they will treasure forever.
The day only got better and better. All 2000 members of the choir came together and rehearsed for 3 hours – behaviour and attitude allwere perfect!!
A quick dinner stop and we were back on stage for the evening concert.
The theatre was now filled with 3000 audience members. The simple clothing of the rehearsal was now exchanged for ball gowns and suits and a sea of AC Academy t-shirts.
Numbers such as Les Miserables, Coldplay, Carmina Burana and Dancing Queen lifted the rooftop – only to be raised a little higher by the finale – Nessun Dorma, sung by 2000 children, the band, a tenor solo singer and accompanied by a beautiful dance by Kevin and Karen from Strictly Come Dancing.
The party carried on the coach home for about an hour until suddenly the tiredness kicked in and silence filled the coach.
Safely back at school at 1.00am.
I have never been prouder of a choir. Their behaviour, attitude and resilience were outstanding.
Thank you Year 6 for letting me make these amazing memories with you!!!!

Mrs Turner