Celebrating in style...

4th March 2018
Watch out! Gangsta Granny spotted not far from here on World Book Day...

Rescheduled - now on Thursday 8th March

The theme for World Book Day 2018 is "Share a Story", highlighting the importance of spending just 10 minutes a day reading or sharing stories with your children and your children sharing stories with you! No matter what your age, sharing stories is an opportunity to spend quality time together, as well as promoting wellbeing. Even more importantly, it has a vital impact on a child’s life. Put simply, reading together is good for you!

Dress up as your favourite book character!

All pupils are invited to come to school dressed up as their favourite book character. We look forward to seeing the many different ideas. Sometimes the most simple are the most effective!
Drop everything and read

At 9 o clock on World Book Day , all pupils at St Mary’s will be sharing a story with an adult. In mixed –age groups, you will find them all over the school listening to a story- even in the Pavilion, or …………. The message is that we can read anywhere and everywhere, from breakfast to bedtime. Look out for some photos on the website!

Reach for the Stars Reading Challenge

Your child will come home with a challenge sheet with 20 different ways to read. Every time your child completes one of these they can tick it off. When their list is complete, they can return it to their teacher for a small treat. Who will manage all 20?

Reading photo Competition

Where would be an unusual place to read? (make sure it is a safe place) We would love to receive any photos of your child reading. There will be a small prize for the most unusual photo. Get snapping!

Favourite Books

There will also be a chance for each child to vote for their favourite book. Class teachers will collect the children’s suggestions and we will see who the most popular authors are in each year group!
Travelling Book Fair
During the week (Monday 26th February - Friday 2nd March), The Travelling Book Company will be at St Mary's and books can be purchased at the following times in the KS2 Art room:
Mon - Fri 12:30-1:05pm Pupils may purchase books on the day

Mon - Fri 3:30pm- 4:15pm Pupils must be accompanied by parents/carers for this session