Celebration Wall

11th November 2017
We have launched a new celebration wall in our school hall!
This is a chance to recognise and celebrate children's achievements in KS2. Every week, during assembly, the child who has been nominated for the award by their teacher will have their work or achievement displayed in the frame on the wall, along with their portrait photograph. Each of the chosen children are also given a certificate to take home.
Congratulations to our first ever winners:
Year 3 - Anastazja for her super character description and Oliver for showing fantastic progress in maths
Year 4 - Sharon for her outstanding use of descriptive language and Kaitlin for her interesting scientific explanation
Year 5 - Mia for her use or powerful vocabulary and Marina for her great use of punctuation
Year 6 - Magnus for his impressive use of descriptive language and James for an excellent piece of persuasive writing