Le français

3S singing "Bonjour, ça va" after learning greetings!

Why learn languages?

We have begun the year by thinking about the many ways learning a language can help us and why French is useful, when there are lots of languages to choose from.

Here are our top reasons to learn a language:

It grows your brain and protects you from memory loss in old age. FACT!

It boosts your confidence in speaking and presenting in front of a group. TRUE!

It helps you notice patterns and teaches you the origins of words in your own language. EVERY DAY!

It makes you more employable! Employees with language skills are in hot demand and earn between 8 and 14% more money! KERCHING!

Why French?

France and other French-speaking European countries are among our biggest trading partners in the UK.

France is our closest neighbouring country here in Poole!

French is a global language spoken in more than 50 countries.

French is a top international language, spoken at the UN, at European government level and even at the Olympics!

Bonne rentrée! Let’s get started!

Here are some really useful links to play games, listen and repeat key phrases and practise your French. There are video clips, songs and cartoons on all of our key topics.



We have used some of these in class.

Year 3: numbers 1-20 and beyond!

Year 4: pets and numbers up to 40

Year 5: school life in France

Year 6: clothing, colours, adjectives.

Older pupils may also want to take a look at some of the BBC GCSE Bitesize materials, as much of what we are doing in KS2 is very relevant to the core language at GCSE. Your hard work now will give you a solid grounding for your GCSE!

The link below, for example, gives you a practise list of key time phrases (YEAR 5!) with audio clips to compare your pronunciation.



Remember to always ask a grownup’s permission before accessing the internet.