Prayers and Reflections


I wonder how your Lent is going?
If you are like me all those aims and good things we had planned to do for Lent might have gone by the wayside! But as always I’ll try to do better next year!
But the main purpose of Lent is to prepare our hearts and our minds for the joy of Easter.
So, as you break up for your Easter holiday, we will be in Holy Week – this is the time when we remember Jesus going to Jerusalem knowing that he would end up on the cross.
On Wednesday the priests of the Diocese celebrate the Chrism Mass with Bishop Mark in the cathedral. In this particular Mass the Bishop blesses and consecrates the special oils we use for the sacraments in the coming year. The people hear the priests and Bishop Mark renew their promises as they dedicate themselves anew to Jesus and his ministry.
On Maundy Thursday in our parishes we celebrate the night when Jesus asked his friends and disciples to celebrate the Eucharist in memory of him. This is when we re-enact the washing of the disciples’ feet – I wonder if it will be your foot we are washing?
Good Friday is always a solemn day for me as I go around with a serious face because this is the day we remember Jesus dying on the cross. Will you be joining us on the Walk of Witness which we do in Poole and Broadstone?
Holy Saturday always seems like an empty day as Jesus lays in the tomb, until the great celebration of the Easter vigil on Saturday night. On this night we are like Mary in the garden, seeing that the tomb is empty, for Jesus has risen and brings us all to new life!
It remains for me to wish you all and your families every blessing for a happy and joyous Easter.

God bless.

Father Colin
Lenten Reflections

I asked God to take away my pride,

And God said "No."

He said it was not for Him to take away,

But for me to give up.

I asked God to make my handicapped child whole,

and God said, "No."

He said her spirit is eternal,

While her body is only temporary.

I asked God to grant me patience,

And God said, "No."

He said patience is a by-product of tribulation.

It isn't granted - it is earned.

I asked God to give me happiness,

And God said "No."

He said He gives blessings,

Happiness is up to me.

I asked God to spare me pain,

And God said "No."

He said, "Suffering draws you apart from

Worldly cares and brings you close to Me."

I asked God to make my spirit grow,

And God said "No."

He said I must grow on my own,

But he will prune me to make it fruitful.

I asked God if He loved me,

And God said "Yes."

He gave me His only Son, who died for me,

And I will be in heaven someday

Because I believe.

I asked God to help me love others

As much as He loves me,

And God said,

"Ah, finally you have the idea." Claudia Minden Welsz


Lenten Fact

The word "lent" means "lengthen" and stands for that time in spring when the days grow longer.

“Jesus says, - Where people come together in my name, I am with them” Matthew 18:20

Summer Reflection from Father Mark

The last few months I have watched hedgehogs come and scoff most nights, I have had three families of sparrows in the camera box on my wall, my very own little Kardashians and then all the other bird boxes are full of sparrows but only seen as they fledge or watching the mums and dads flying in and out and then I had two Wood Pigeon hatched right under my bedroom window. So a flurry of feathers and prickles and the thing in all this which struck me was the instinctive care and protective nature of parents.

Cynics might speak of it being a passing on of genetic material and nothing more, the birds are determined to make sure their 'line' survives and maybe this is true but when you see the hatched chicks harrowing the poor parents every time they rush in and out with endless delicacies, or not so delicate stuff, or you see the fledglings shriek and screech and follow their poor parents from branch to branch demanding and begging it strikes me their is something inherently wonderful about parenthood.

The adult birds, once the babies fledge, will disappear for a while to attempt to convalesce and build up their strength. Many adult birds actually endanger their own health so as to enable their young to survive. This is the vocation of the parent, not the endangering  so much as the wonderful taking on of the preparedness to do all in their power to enable the safe growth and development of their young. Now you parents do this so much more. Yours do not fledge for quite some years and even after, I know from my own parents, you will continue to care for and worry about and protect your children no matter what. So you knock the birds and the hedgehogs into a cocked hat, because you love your children with an overpowering and long lasting love. And God the Father, well He knocks your love into a cocked hat because He loves all of you with an even more overpowering and transforming and indeed everlasting love.

Father Mark

Prayer written in RE based on the letters of St Paul

Love is kind and it’s everywhere, it is hard to find but if you 
Know what to look for you will find it.
Love is patient; you can trust it to be there for you.
Walk in love, it is the best of all friends and it will be by your 
Side all the way through your life, you can’t get rid of it.

Above all these things trust love

Love does not brag and you should not either, if love is feeling 
Jealous it thinks the other way.
There is always another way, even if you can’t see it.
Love is not provoked and you can trust it to be happy for you.

Above all these things trust love

Love bears all things, believes in things, hopes all things, endures all things.
You can spot it in others, reach deep inside and pull it out.
Even if you believe it is not there it is.

Above all these things trust love.


                          By Amy, Year 5

Easter Reflection from Father Mark

Spring is definitely on it's way in my Garden and it's surround. Birds are nesting in all the bird boxes on the Church and house, including, to my joy, the camera box. Hedgehogs are appearing to eat and drink outside my patio doors and my new wild flower meadow, sown just a few weeks ago after I dug up the weeds and moss of the previous mess over the Winter time, is just beginning to appear in tiny flecks of green. When I sowed it, it was in the hope that it will attract butterflies and bees and help them to survive and thrive. The exciting thing is, I have no idea what flowers are going to appear. I have scattered the seed and now await the surprises.

At Easter time, it is good to reflect that this is exactly what God has always done. He throws out with abandon, it might seem He is wasteful with His love giving it to people who take it for granted or ignore it  but I for one am very happy He is. If He measured it out, if He was careful and pernickety, a miserly God then it would be like me carefully placing a seed here and might be economical, it might be sensible but I wonder whether the show would be as lovely.

“My commandment is this - Love one another as I love you” John 15:12