Our School Team

Executive Head Teacher: Mrs Clare Tickel 
Head of School: Mr Simon Thomas
Foundation Stage:  Miss Emblin and Mrs Mundy
Year 1:  Mrs Hemsil and Mrs Kernick

Year 2:  Mrs Eddy and Mr Brook
Year 3:  Miss Shaw and Mrs Lovell
Year 4:  Miss Howard and Mrs Watts (SENCo)
Year 5:  Mr Lakatos and Mrs Gilchrist/Miss Lomas

Year 6:  Miss Lindsay and Mrs Wrann
Teaching Assistants

Mrs Legg (HLTA), Mr Vince (PE), Ms Baczala, Miss Boulton, Miss Brian, Mrs Burns, Mrs Campbell, Mrs Cassidy, Mrs Chanda, Mrs Churchill, Mrs Dallimore, Mrs Haberfield, Mrs Hinves, Miss Luff, Mrs Martin, Mrs O'Connor, Miss Petty, Mrs Reyes, Mr Rickman, Mrs Timbrell-Smith
Music  -  Mrs Wilson
Support and Admin Staff
Pastoral Care  -  Mrs Wright
School Business Manager (CAST)  -  Mrs Rushton
Office Manager/PA to Head Teacher  -  Mrs Hazell
Receptionist/Admin Assistant  -  Mrs Jones
Admin/Finance Assistant  -  Mrs Morris
ICT Technician  -  Miss Morris
Caretaker  -  Mr Aldworth
Lunchtime Supervisors
Mrs Bolt, Mrs Czapnik, Mrs Honor (mat. leave), Mrs Smith, Mrs Timbrell-Smith
Breakfast Club Leaders
Mrs Reyes, Mrs Cassidy, Mrs Timbrell-Smith
After School Club Leaders
Mrs Bolt, Miss Petty
2022-23 Class Teachers