Tabla and guitar showcase

1st October 2018
Chris Woods and Harkiret - Tabla and guitar showcase

On Friday 28th September, we were fortunate to welcome Chris Woods (guitar) and Harkiret (tabla) to St. Mary’s as part of the SoundStorm Music Hub’s ‘Live & Inspired Tour.’

We were introduced to Indian music and taught how the music is constructed around odd numbers of beats such as 6, 7 or even 13 1/2 as one of the pieces we listened to had! Harkiret demonstrated the different “notes” that can be achieved on the tabla and we even joined in a tricky clapping pattern.

After the showcase, the pupils asked a number of insightful questions to find out about Chris and Harkiret’s musical journey. These included:

“When did you first begin playing your instrument?”

“How many people have you performed to?”

“What do you love about your instrument?”

“How did you start playing music together?”

Perhaps the most defining comment of the afternoon came from one of our Year 2 children: “I think that you are amazing!”