Wednesday 3rd Jan

3rd January 2018
Welcome back to school and to 2018!

We hope you had a happy and restful Christmas break.

Please be reminded that we have whole school Mass on Friday, starting promptly at 9am at St Mary's Church. Family and friends are most welcome to join us.

Children at Early Bird's will be taken to church after a quick breakfast and Freedom Coaches will drop the children using this service on Friday at church.

Please ensure that children are dropped at church no earlier than 8:30 as we cannot guarantee adult supervision, and no later than normal school time (8:50). St Mary's have kindly agreed to open the back gates so please drive in via the normal entrance and exit via the back to enable a safer environment for both the children and vehicles.

Thank you to those who have returned the Catholic Children's Society "Make Love your Aim" coin cribs, we look forward to receiving as many as possible by Friday.