World Book Day 2019

5th March 2019
World Book Day takes place next week, we would like to remind all the children (and staff!) that they are invited to come to school dressed as their favourite book character. Please do not feel pressured to produce elaborate costumes. 

As part of the world book day celebrations there will be a ‘book in a box’ completion, all children who would like to take part need to bring their ‘book in a box’ entries into school before Thursday.

The children have had the competition explained to them but the essence is that they choose their favourite story and then recreate key features from the story in a box.

They will need a box, which can be a cereal box, shoe box or equivalent. Choose their favourite book and decorate the box (inside and out) to represent the different parts of the book.

• They could draw or cut out pictures of the characters or significant objects from the book.
• They could recreate a scene from the book inside.
• Include interesting quotes from the text.
• Don’t forget to include the title and author of the book too.
• Make it as colourful and exciting as you can.

For inspiration look at examples of books in boxes on Google “book in box project ideas”.

Label your box clearly with your name and class and bring the box into school by Wednesday 6th March for judging on World Book Day.