Y4 at Paulton's Park

17th September 2018

Year 4 had a great time at Paultons Theme Park. They learnt all about ‘Forces’ and had a great time on the rides.


Dear diary,

On Monday 27th September we went on the most magnificent science trip to Paultons Park. We, year 4, went there for the most important reason – to experience forces. But we also had loads of fun, which means we went on pretty much all the rides.

First of all, we went into a really tall building where we had to climb what seemed like a thousand steps till we got to a big room where we had a discussion with a man called Andy. Then, we were split into groups. The first force we went to experience was friction by going on the Pirate Ship. The Pirate ship swung one way and the other way with the help of a friction wheel underneath the ride. Next we went on t the Wave Runner and if you think we got wet unfortunately we didn’t. The way it went was really fast was that it had running water down it. Then we went on the Triceratops.  Triceratops is a family rollercoaster, and it too had friction wheels. After that, we went on the purple rollercoaster. IT IS SO CRAZY! It is so crazy because it has no end! It goes high in the sky and then comes back down again. And when I say it goes high I mean it goes really, really, really and don’t forget really high. First we went up, but we went backwards. Then it races all the way down again. When it goes down it goes all over the place. Next we went to the dragon. It is designed to make people go centrifugal (out) of the ride.

Then we had lunch – I had a ham sandwich, Doritos (flavour: tangy cheese), banana and a gold bar.

“Now it is the afternoon we can go one the Cobra!” I said. The Cobra is a really tall, long and complicated roller coaster which is as blue as our chairs. Then we went to the Velociraptor. It makes you hang from a roller-coaster which is a sickly yellow colour. Then we went to the Edge. IT WAS TERRIFYING! I felt like I was going to fall off.


Dear diary,

Ten days ago I had just arrived at the fabulous Paultons Park to learn about forces but strangely enough I also learnt about friction as well. Actually I went with the rest of my class, Isobel’s dad and Aoife’s mum, Mrs Aspin and Miss Howard. I was also very excited to go on the rides.

Soon after, we went to see a man called Andy, (he was our tour guide for the morning), and he led us to a special room where we learnt about forces. After we finished learning we put our bags on the table and walked to our first ride (the pirate ship). We learnt that there was a force wheel under it and when it span the boat moved but sadly I didn’t go on it so let’s move on. Courageously we walked to the second ride. In order to go on this ride we had to listen to Andy. The ride was called ‘The Wave Runner’. It was sooo fun. It was my second favourite ride that day. What you had to do was: get in a boat, the back of the ramp the boat is on will lift and your boat will go down the water slide with you on. Then we went on a mini roller coaster called ‘The Triceratops’. It was quite fun as well. After a while we went back for lunch. We didn’t eat lunch at the learning room; instead we went to sit at the picnic tables under the roof to eat our lunch.

After lunch, we met up as a big group next to the place where we ate lunch. This was my favourite part of the day because we got to go on any ride we wanted to. First, we went on the ‘Cobra’ which was really scary. Next we went on ’The Edge’, it was also very scary. Third we went on ‘Magma’. It was my favourite ride. It slowly span then it went down a little and back up a little and then after three seconds it would do a big drop which made me feel weird. Fourth we went on ‘Flight of the Plesiosaur’. This was my third favourite ride. I thought it was the biggest rollercoaster in the park. Fifth we went on the ‘Wave Runner’ again, it was our final ride. Finally we walked back to the coach to go home.