Year 4

Classes:  4H  Marine Iguanas   and   4E  Galapagos Penguins
Class teachers: Miss Howard and Mrs Evans

Poem by Theo

What silently waits in the curtains at night?

What’s underneath your cover just keeping out of sight?

What’s patiently waiting while your counting sheep?

What never jumps out unless you’re fast asleep?

What makes all the creaks, cracks and clangs in your house?

It isn’t the hamster, or your dog, or a mouse.

Those noises are made by mysterious creatures.

Read on if you dare and you might meet the seekers.

WALT: Infer how a character is feeling


Year 4 Poetry


What happens when you take a noun, an abstract noun, a verb and a preposition?

Inside a gigantic forest of secrets and thoughts,

I saw a wand of happiness to fix my thoughts.

Then I found a gem of braveness for my thoughts.


Beside the forest of fear and silence,

I captured a crystal of more fear.

I discovered the gem of joy but unfortunately it slipped away in sad tears.


Outside the water tank of jealousy,

I found an unusual fish in the tank which could take my jealousy away.

I touched the tank and I felt amazing.


Under the road of secrets and sadness,

Outside the secret corner of sadness,

People just wanted to be like me.

I heard a car over the road

and I wanted to spill my secrets out loud.



Under the mountain of silence,

I saw a golden chest of happiness.


In the Stable of secrets,

I found a cat of fear,

Who jumped on my head.


Above the jungle of happiness,

I discovered a flower of anger.


Behind the cloud of possibilities,

I saw my future as a doctor.


Inside the cave of forgiveness,

I captured a hint of sorrow.

Lara 4H



Beside the mountain of curiosity,

I captured the puzzle of life.


Next to the river of sadness,

I saw a glimpse of hope.


Inside the cave of forgiveness,

I captured a hint of sorrow.


Inside the pyramid of mystery,

I found the key of truth

And unlocked the door to history.

Aoife 4H



Among sky blue ocean of power,

I found a gem of richness

and it was magical.


Inside a green, giant jungle of anger,

The tigers, lions and every angry animal

roared at me.


Above the lake of sadness,

I found an elf crying

and it made me cry too.


Between the cave of love,

I saw two ting tarantulas falling in love

and it was adorable.


Behind the mountain of naughtiness,

I had to babysit all of the naughty children

who threw food and books at me.


Outside the castle of fear,

Everyone was full of terror

then I tried to make them happy.

Aska 4H


Beside the mountain of secrets,

I found a diamond of honesty

which revealed my deepest secrets.


Within the jungle of jealousy,

I captured the black tailed wobbler

that made the town very angry.


Beyond the castle of confusion,

I destroyed the cove of unconsciousness

which fixed the castle of confusion.


In the forest of fear,

I opened the cage of courage

then I was brave enough to go further.

Oliver 4H


Beyond the riverbank of curiosity,

I captured the deadly frog

that scared everyone with its mighty bite.


Under the ocean of sadness,

Lay the sad shark

who has a nasty grin on his face.


Below the museum of happiness,

Stood the statue 

who had a nice smile.


In front of the park of kindness,

Kind clouds gazed down

at the park filled with happiness.

Aidan 4H


Along the Valley of the Ump,

Lives the fealess Hippocrump,

Her eyes are glimmering, emerald, green,

Her teeth: white, sharp and mean,

She lives upon a water fall,

Where aquamarine waters fall,

Her hair is curly, think and brown,

Her feet land with a POWND,

But if she drinks from the lake of goo,

Her hundreds of teeth will come loose.

By Fintan


Inside the trough of treasure,

Aerodynamic ants silently smash sad sheep to sheds.

I saw wet water bottles wade wildly whilst whacking rampaging rats.


Below the tree of time,

Bacon bakes baboons and Hippo’s hog hamburgers, exploding eggs and carnivorous cakes.


Above the house of Happiness,

Brutal bats bash boiling boulders, ambling ants, hollow horses and crazy caterpillars.


Upon the castle of joy,

Cabbages crave coconuts, cocoa beans and cardboard boxes,

But they loath lunatics!

By Samuel