The Wizard of Oz Production




We have launched our summer show of the Wizard of Oz to our Key Stage 2 pupils. This brings many exciting opportunities for children to take part in, from acting to singing to artwork.

We would like the programme cover, poster and ticket artwork to be designed by our KS2 pupils. The winning design will be printed on our show t-shirts which will be available to purchase by all pupils (both on and off-stage) involved in the show.

To enter the competition, the design needs to be drawn on the attached template and stay within the lines. Lots of colour is encouraged and the design must be original.

The overall winner will receive a t-shirt with their design printed on it and there will be other prizes for highly commended entries.

The deadline for entries to be handed into the School Office is Friday 31st March, 2023. 





Performance dates: Thursday 13th & Friday 14th July 2023


We are really pleased that you have chosen to audition for our summer show!

There will be 2 days of auditions:


Wednesday 22nd March for Years 3 & 4

Friday 24th March for Years 5 & 6


All auditions take place in the Music Room from 12:30 - 1:10pm.


1. Act


  •        Learn your lines off by heart
  •        Think about how you will say each word using the different tones of your voice
  •        Add some physical movements to accompany your lines
  •        Present both your acting and singing


You can choose to be either Dorothy or the Scarecrow


2. Please sing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ to us.