Friday 23rd March

22nd March 2018
As you may already know this year is a ‘Sport Relief’ year so on Friday 23 March it is Sports Relief time again!
2 years ago Mr Walsh (Head of School at Sylvan Infant School) ran 27.8 miles to all the infant/first schools in the Borough (11 schools in total) picking up staff from each school for a stint of running. In the process he and friends managed to raise nearly £2000. Well this year he and friends Paul Renwick, Andrew Roast and Kirsty Hodgman are planning to do it all over again but this time make it even bigger and better!
Mrs Evans from our school is challenging herself by joining Mr Walsh and Co. in running part of a run (approximately 7.5 miles) which will this year visit all 32 infant, first, junior, primary schools in the Borough and cover approximately 36 miles.
As part of the Poole community we are keen to show the power of working together and the difference this can make by aiming to raise even more than was raised in 2016.
If you are keen to support Mrs Evans and the other runners please visit the ‘just giving’ page by using the following link:
The rest of the staff and children at the school will be taking part in an active challenge during the day, as well as running a mile to raise money for this worthwhile charity. If every child and adult from each school runs just one mile we will have run more than the distance from Poole to Ethiopia in Africa and back! We are asking the children to come in on the day wearing their favourite sports kit (for example karate, ballet, football etc) to take part in a sporty challenge for a suggested voluntary contribution of £1.
For more information on Sport Relief please visit