Lent Challenge - CAFOD

8th March 2019
Take the Give it Up Challenge this Lent
Each class has been given a tin, we are asking children to bring in donations during Lent to fill those tins and raise money for CAFOD. On Friday 15th March we will be holding a non-uniform day in return for donations.
CAFOD tells us about Mahinur’s family in Bangladesh. 
Mahinur lives by a river with her husband Khalek and 12-year-old son Rabiul, who both have disabilities. She relies on fishing in the river to support her family, but last year it dried up and all the fish died. The fish have not returned. Some days the family just drink water for dinner.
This is not right. God has given enough resources on this planet for everyone. No one should go hungry.
The good news is that CAFOD is part of the global Church network that reaches to the ends of the earth: We already know where Mahinur is. We know she needs help. And we know how to help.
But the reality is that CAFOD are forced to turn away one in three requests for help, because they simply do not have enough money to go around. Mahinur’s family is currently part of that one in three.
That’s why your help is so vital. Taking the give it up challenge can be simple:
Give up a treat like chocolate or crisps to save the money normally spent.
Going the extra mile, give up a favourite activity and get sponsored.
Give up something more special like cinema trips, to raise even more.
Your efforts make a real difference. Your contributions last Lent were doubled by the UK government. As a result, new nutrition projects in Zimbabwe, Eritrea and Zambia have begun. We’re on track to support 239,000 people by the end of 2021. We can’t wait to see how you take on this year’s challenge to give it up on or around Fast Day this Friday 15 March!