Paulton's Park Trip

18th October 2017

Our Trip to Paulton's Park by Lola

On Tuesday, I walked in my classroom and suddenly remembered that we were going to Paultons Park. Eventually, I saw my dad peering in through the door. When I saw him, I had a faint but clear smile on my face. Then Mrs Evans came in and said all the groups. I was relieved I was in my dad’s group. Rapidly, we got in a line and walked to the coach. I was astonished that it was a double decker coach. I hoped to go on the top and my wish came true. In five minutes time, I was on the top sitting next to my dad. It took approximately one hour to get there.  Just then, we arrived and everyone got in their groups and set off.

When we were at Paultons Park, we met two ladies. One was called Erin and was talking to us about what would happen in the morning. We weren’t with her but with a lady called Jenna. Jenna told us that our first ride was the cat-o-pillar. I felt ok with her decision because it is a good ride. It is a good ride because: it’s not too scary, not to babyish and if it is your first time it is a good ride to start on. So before we went on the ride she talked to us about gravity and told us what it means and asked us some questions about the ride. So I went on the ride and though last time I went on the ride I didn’t notice what I noticed now “so interesting’. The next ride was revealed. It was the jumping bean so we had a little talk again and got on the ride. So we all dipped in but the man pressed the go but we didn’t move so we couldn’t go on that ride. So we went to out next ride and it was the pirate ship. Again we had a talk and then went on it. I don’t like pirate ships so I did feel a bit scared!