Science Day Exhibition

1st June 2018
Whole School Science Chain Reaction Day – Water, Wheels and Waves!
On Tuesday 5th June the whole school will be involved in a Science Chain Reaction Day. This will be an outdoor event, where children bring in their own resources from home, to create a chain reaction with a group. The focus will be on water, wheels and waves! This exciting Science day follows our whole school Science principles where Science lessons are practical, ‘hands on’ and active, and where there are many opportunities for child led scientific enquiry, where children discover for themselves.

In each year group the classes will mix together and children will work in teams to learn how to create chain reactions using water, wheel and wave power! Children will learn skills of co-operation, problem solving and perseverance. The teachers in each year group will introduce the day with a powerpoint on forces and chain reactions. The children will then plan and design a chain reaction in groups. They will then make and test their chain reactions, evaluating and improving them as they go, ready for an exhibition in the afternoon. There will be certificates awarded for the best two chain reaction projects in each year group.

Please could your child bring in items on the day itself (Tuesday 5th June) to make a chain reaction, using water, wheels and waves! (See example ideas below). They may start designing and making it at home, and complete it at school with their friends, if they wish. The bigger the items, the better! We would really like to up scale our chain reactions this year.
Items to bring in could include:
Carpet / material roll inner tubes
rain gutter pipes
washing up bowls or buckets
large dominoes
recycled plastic bottles and containers
pipes, funnels and plastic tubes
paper / plastic cups
odd bicycle wheels
ice cream tubs
water table items
marble run
marbles or balls. 
(Please name items if you would like them to be returned). We will also need to borrow metal clothes rails (to attach items onto). String, cable ties, rope, tape etc. may also be useful for your child’s group project.

Parent/carers, friends and family are invited to the whole school exhibition in the afternoon of 5th June from 2p.m. - 2.45 p.m. in the playground. Please sign in at the office and you will be taken round to the playground. If you would like to come in for the whole day, or part of the day, to help out (especially in KS1), your help would be much appreciated. Please let your child’s teacher know.
It is also 'World Environment day' on 5th June, and the theme for 2018 is 'Beating Plastic Pollution'. We will be thinking about reducing, reusing and recycling resources, especially plastics, so please bring in items so we can reuse them for your child's project. 

Towards the end of June, our school has been invited to an ‘InterSchools Chain Reaction Day’ in Salisbury. I will be taking ten children to this event, and our Science day on 5th June will help me to select these children.

We look forward to seeing you on 5th June for the Water, Wheels and Waves Exhibition. Thank you for sending your child in with items on 5th June (no earlier please). I hope you will enjoy collecting resources and thinking about a project with your child!